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  • 3 Easy Tips for a Better Cup

    So, you have the beans and a good “grind” now what? Well coffee quality is less than ideal without proper clean equipment and the right water tempe...
  • The "Grind"

    Understanding the "Grind" and the world of coffee bean extraction. An important key to a delicious cup of coffee.
  • How to Properly Store Coffee

    How to best store our freshly roasted coffee...

    To Fridge or not to Fridge? 

    You have taken delivery of some of the finest organic specialty coffee, opened the bag, made a deliciously fresh cup, and might be thinking to yourself, what do I do now?  How do I maintain the bright deep flavours? 

  • The "Beans"

    The "Beans" 

    Coffee beans are actually not beans at all; rather they are seeds from the coffee fruit or coffee “cherry”. 

  • The K9 Coffee "Basic Training" Academy

    At K9 Coffee Co by SRL we are proudly Canadian and brew fresh for the K9 lover!

    The K9 Coffee "Basic Training" Academy BLOG was created to share some stories, brewing tips, recipes, and "how to" ideas so we can all enjoy our coffee experience just that much more and maybe together learn something about the wonderful world of coffee in the process. 

    So enjoy your roast so our legends can enjoy the most!