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The K9 Coffee "Basic Training" Academy

I have experienced bad cups of coffee from high-end fresh roasters, and have also had good cups of coffee from a mass produced bag of beans off a big box store shelf.

Now why is that?

Well coffee can be incredibly complex and easily missed. The farmers, importers, and roasters have done all the laborious work. However as the consumer, you finish the important last steps. You must prepare the coffee how you like it and it takes some skill and equipment to get right.

Unlike a bottle of wine, where you literally chill it, crack it open and drink it, coffee requires your end work to get right.

With that said, there are a few things we can do to make every cup a great cup. No matter how you prepare your coffee (and there are many ways!!) if you following a few basic principles from our K9 Coffee Basic Training Academy you will enhance your coffee knowledge, and help ensure you don’t miss on that next morning cup.

Stay tuned & check back in for more in the K9 Coffee "Basic Training" BLOG series. And send us your questions, comments, or ideas to:

Until then, grind fresh & bark on!



  • Having a great coffee that also helps a great cause, makes one excited to get up and start the dsy

    Ann Marie schaffer
  • I’m so happy to see this on Global News. I’m gonna share as much as possible and make my first clothing purchase. Thank you for what you do

    Carmen Portman-Doi

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