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The "Beans"

The beans, beans, and the beans.

Coffee beans are actually not beans at all; rather they are seeds from the coffee fruit or coffee “cherry”. Just like an avocado or banana, the coffee fruit seasonally grows through a natural growing process. This is also why the price of green beans changes as supply issues can be caused by such things as unpredicted environmental crop damage. Crop damage can wipe out a countries entire crop which rapidly changes the global demand / supply cycle.

Most worldwide harvest seasons take place between the months of November to March. During that time, the “cherry” is picked at the peak ripeness, washed, & processed. The green beans are then graded, divided based on grade, and exported.  Organic green beans are never mixed or graded alongside the non-organic as there is a massive difference in quality, price, inspections, and regulated handling for organic farms and importers to remain certified.

Once at a roaster, the green beans are roasted to their desired recipe & blend, to what we know and recognize as the “coffee bean”. 

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