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How to Properly Store Coffee

So what is the best way to store your freshly roasted beans?

You have taken delivery of some of the finest organic specialty coffee, opened the bag, made a delicious cup, and might be thinking to yourself, what do I do now?  How do I maintain the bright deep flavours? 

Well, you might be tempted to store them in your fridge or freezer because your grandma told you so, but for longevity and best flavours we recommend you do not do this. Roasted coffee has a few major enemies to freshness, which are oxygen, light, heat, and moisture.

Coffee will act as a deodorizer and absorb moisture, smells, and flavors of all things around it. Essentially the beans or grounds become little sponges losing their desirable flavours while absorbing any potentially undesirable odours around them. Therefore to optimize freshness always keep your bag sealed and stored in a cool, dark, dry place.

Our K9 Coffee bags are factory heat sealed, so if unopened and stored correctly can remain fresh to use for up to a year. However, for best quality we recommend using your unopened bags within the first 8 months for whole bean, and 6 months for pre-ground. Even after a year they will not be harmful to drink, in fact they are 100% safe, but over time coffee loses some of its punch, depth and brightness. Therefore the 6- and 8-month time is just our recommendation for optimal freshness otherwise you increase your chances at having flat boring "diner" coffee and who wants that.

Once you open our package, reseal it after every use by folding the top over multiple times, get the air out and secure it with the included tin tie.  Or use an airtight container (not see through as you want dark) and recycle our packaging.

We recommend using your opened bag within a months’ time. This is also why we prefer to sell 365 g bags and not the giant bulk store size, as after 3-4 weeks your freshness is greatly reduced inside any opened bag of coffee.  


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  • So excited to have your coffee. It is such a good cup. Also Hacker ( our GSD) is very proud to have us wear the t-Shirts and sweats to support a great cause. P.S. The thermal coffee containers are great! The coffee makes great gifts to our friends. A gift much more than just a gift!

    ann marie schaffer

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