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About Us

Helping one Retired Service Dog at a time.

Did you know that most retired Canadian service dogs in do not receive any form of pension or assistance for medical bills once they hang up their leash and enter retirement? After years of service protecting our communities they enter retirement and often turn to us for help. Your purchase will help retired fur legends that require financial assistance. Proceeds from every purchase will help a furry Legend in need.

Together we can ensure all Canadian fur heroes get a chance at living their best lives!

Why We Started

We are a proud team of current Canadian law enforcement and K9 handlers who have dedicated the better part of their lives training, caring and working with police service dogs.

Ange and Jay are the parents of two retired police dogs who both served in British Columbia, Canada. In April of 2020, one of our dogs Tyson required lifesaving surgery due to a severe infection. Ned's Wish was able to assist with the funding of the surgery and we were able to save Tyson's life. He still leads an active full life and is a loved member of our family. 

Aaron is a veteran K9 Handler having worked with multiple service dogs since 2003. In 2019 serious injuries from the job forced Aaron to retire from active dog handling. Aaron's experience, passion for coffee, and dedication to helping all dogs is an asset to our SRL team. 

Together we drive our mission to ensure that no Canadian "Legend" is ever left behind.

Supporting Retired Police Dogs Across Canada

How We Provide Support

Support Retired Legends is a partnership of Ned's Wish. Part proceeds are directly donated to this foundation to support retired police dogs across Canada. Ned's Wish is a society committed to supporting law enforcement by providing financial and educational support to enhance the quality of life for Canadian K-9 retirees.. After human police officers finish serving their communities, their pensions support them. Due to the cost of health care for retired police dogs, and limited cost effective insurance plans available the potential to enjoy retirement can quite literally rest on a dime for many fur heroes. If health care costs become too high, a dog's quality of life can be significantly reduced, or even cut short. For more info see

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